A Few Thoughts on Boreal Forest Dark Beer

First things First- I’m going to give the BPM event the full treatment in a later blog, but for now I’m going to talk about beer.

So I just got back from the LOWBrewCo taproom with my lady love. We’d just seen IT, and we weren’t ready (and I was too scared) to head home for night. After we sat downinside I checked the big beer board on the wall of the Taproom and saw that Boreal Forest is back.

I was pumped. Boreal might be my favourite LOWBrewCo beer.

So a little primer- Boreal Black Forest Dunkelweizen is a dark beer that is primarily made of roasted wheat. The roasting makes the dunkelweizen wheat malt darker than regular wheat beer, which is kind of a straw colour (dunkelweizen literally means “dark wheat” in German). Boreal Black Forest pours a very deep brown almost black colour. A lot of people think that the darker the beer the more bitter and strong it is- and that is completely not true. I find the Boreal Black Forest to have a nice sweetness to it. The tasting notes say there are hints of chocolate and cherry, and I definitely taste that.Raspberry and coffee flavours too. It is pretty strong alcohol wise, and that, combined with its light finish means it goes down pretty easy. Perhaps too easy, and it could really sneak up on you if you’re not careful. (I know from experience!)

So my girlfriend is a whiskey lover. For the sake of our bank account I’m trying to get her more into beer. (Plus I want to take her to Oktoberfest in Munich). For her there is nothing better than a smoky Scotch whiskey. After hearing me talk about the cherry and chocolate flavours she was curious. I reached for her glass and she took mine. She took a sip, then a hefty swig and said, “This is actually really good. l could drink this. Do they put this in cans?”


Now don’t get me wrong, people should drink what they like. But the fact that my whiskey snob girlfriend was into it has got to tell you something about how accessible this beer is. It’s not in cans (yet) but hopefully it will be soon.

My last word on Boreal Black Forest? Don’t let the colour intimidate you! Boreal Black Forest is a damn good beer on a cool Autumn night.

Speaking of Autumn nights, Oktoberfest weekend is coming up on September 29th & 30th at the Brewery Taproom. I’ll be back in a couple weeks with a full recap, and a review of the Oktoberfest Marzen.


– Arnie


Posted on September 28, 2017 in In the News

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