Need a light? Lost your way? Channel Marker Light Lager is a wayfinder to fresh’n’ crisp Tasty Town located on Beer Island. Channel Marker is brewed with malted barley, flaked corn and Magnum hops, then dry-hopped with Citra hops. This beer is sessionable and all day delicious with notes of passionfruit and citrus. A light lager guiding the way to your next Lake of the Woods Brewing Company experience. Always enjoy responsibly.

AROMA: Upfront citrus aroma with light malt notes in the background. PRESENTATION: White frothy head, low persistence. COLOUR: Pale straw. CLARITY: Clear. TASTE: Light malt sweetness, pleasant citrus hop flavours that balance well with the malt. MOUTHFEEL: High carbonation, light body, silky mouthfeel. INGREDIENTS: Water, barley, corn, hops, yeast. ALLERGY INFO: Gluten & Corn.


Lakeside Kolsch takes its name from one of Kenora’s first neighbourhoods on famous Lake of the Woods. Spattered with small beaches, boathouses & docks, Lakeside is typical of most marine hamlets built so many years ago. Kenora’s waterways have floated everything from raw lumber & birch canoes to wood launches, steamboats & outboard tillers. Lakeside is brewed using old-world techniques which produces a crisp, clean ale characteristic of a lager. It is a delicate & subtle beer with hints of malt & fruit in its nose.

AROMA: Bread and mild fruit. PRESENTATION: White head, little persistence. COLOUR: Light, straw colour. CLARITY: Brilliant clarity. TASTE: Very clean malt flavour with smooth straw notes, light fruity fermentation sweetness. MOUTHFEEL: Light bodied with medium-high carbonation, smooth. INGREDIENTS: Water, barley, wheat, hops, yeast. ALLERGY INFO: Wheat & Gluten.

Sultana Gold


Named after the legendary Sultana Gold Mine on Lake of the Woods. The mine, located on Sultana Island, prospered for over a decade and eventually flooded in 1902. The gold may not have panned out, but this clean, crisp, sessionable ale certainly did. Stake your claim to a true northern beer and bring home the gold.

AROMA: Bread, biscuit, mild fruit. PRESENTATION: White head, medium retention. COLOUR: Bright gold. CLARITY: Brilliantly clear. TASTE: Malt-forward, bread-biscuit, mild fruit with a sweet linger. MOUTHFEEL: Medium body, medium carbonation and smooth. INGREDIENTS: Water, barley, wheat, hops, yeast. ALLERGY INFO: Wheat & Gluten.



Brewed with 100% Manitoba pride, True North Lager is the flagship beer brewed at Lake of the Woods Brewing Company’s Hargrave St. Market location in Winnipeg’s True North Square. Perfectly balanced to enjoy while watching a hockey game, listening to your favourite tunes, chillin’ with friends or eating some tacos. Enjoy a pint of True North Lager today – it’s not strong (only 5% ABV), and it’s not free (free beer tomorrow..?.. ;), it IS however a damn good, easy drinkin’, all-Canadian beer, eh. WE. ARE. TRUE NORTH.

AROMA: Nose is almost imperceptible; there’s a very slight fruitiness from the Hersbrucker German noble hop and maltiness. PRESENTATION: White head, great retention. COLOUR: Pale golden. CLARITY: Clear. TASTE: The first note is a light malt forward sweetness with a subtle caramel. Overall a very clean, crisp and refreshing lager. MOUTHFEEL: Light body, very smooth and simple profile. Medium carbonation. INGREDIENTS: Water, barley, hops, yeast. ALLERGY INFO: Gluten.


For nearly 100 years trouble & tragedy claimed many a steamship, sailor & Captain on Lake of the Woods. The still waters were often fraught with unseen mishap & calamity for both passenger and cargo alike. Nautical Disaster Dry Hopped IPA – a unique triple ‘C’ hop citrus bomb loaded with grapefruit and lifeboats designed for ten… only a fool would complain. Pairs well with sweet, hot & spicy & big anchors. Navigate responsibly.

AROMA: Slight grapefruit, citrus and hops nose. PRESENTATION: White head, medium retention. COLOUR: Light gold. CLARITY: Clear. TASTE: Hoppy bitterness mixed with a citrus taste. MOUTHFEEL: High carbonation yet smooth. Finishing with a slight dryness. INGREDIENTS: Water, barley, oats, hops, yeast. ALLERGY INFO: Gluten & Oats.


Hidden in the Lake of the Woods region on a small back lake there exists patches of berries usually reserved for the discerning palates of black bears. This beer is subtle with a clear fruity nose. Muted blueberry, low bitterness and medium body. Although high in ABV, its finish is muted in a well-balanced flavour profile between malt and berry.

AROMA: Blueberry, fruit esters. PRESENTATION: White head, medium retention. Colour: Purple. Clarity: Opaque. TASTE: Some malt sweetness backbone, overwhelming blueberry notes as sweetness and some tartness. MOUTHFEEL: Medium-rich body, low-medium to medium carbonation with a slightly dry finish. INGREDIENTS: Water, barley, blueberries, hops, yeast. ALLERGY INFO: Gluten.


It would only make sense for us to dedicate the name of this beer to our flagship brewery and tap room location, a 104-year old firehall in downtown Kenora. A small amount of chocolate malt provides the colour and aroma of this amber coloured ale while the aftertaste is of almond and the finish is dry. English hop varieties are used although the balance is malt forward.

AROMA: Chocolate, roasted malt. PRESENTATION: Off-white head, low retention. COLOUR: Reddish brown. CLARITY: Clear. TASTE: Malt-forward with roasted notes of caramel, and chocolate. Sweet but somewhat balanced, slightly dry finish. MOUTHFEEL: Medium body with a mild creaminess. Low carbonation. Slight roast astringency. INGREDIENTS: Water, barley, hops, yeast. ALLERGY INFO: Gluten.


Railyards – a ‘given’ in every town dotting Northern Ontario, Manitoba, and Minnesota – part of the railway system that joins North America and unites people from coast to coast. To this day, there is nothing like the nostalgic romance of the train and the sound of railcars clacking together coupling under the cover of night. With this in mind, Lake of the Woods Brewing Company created ‘Railyard Chocolate Milkshake Porter’ – an inspired reinventing of the original Double Chocolate. Dark brown with copper highlights and tasting of chocolate, coffee and biscuit; Railyard has a dominant malt & lactose profile with a medium bodied creamy mouthfeel.

AROMA: Chocolate, roast coffee, slight plum & biscuit. PRESENTATION: Off-white head, decent retention, creamy. COLOUR: Dark brown with copper highlights. CLARITY: Slightly opaque. TASTE: Chocolate roast, coffee biscuit, lactose & malt dominated. MOUTHFEEL: Medium carbonation with a creamy finish. INGREDIENTS: Water, barley, cholaca, lactose, hops, yeast. ALLERGY INFO: Gluten & Lactose.



This beer has fresh ginger and is brewed with a little bit of malted rye to give the beer a bolder, yet smooth flavour profile. Very refreshing!

AROMA: Spicy and sweet ginger. PRESENTATION: Head: tan white head, good retention. COLOUR: deep golden. CLARITY: clear TASTE: Malt forward ginger note that transforms into a bolder spicy note. English bittering with a slight citrus aroma hop. Crisp finish with only the unique grainy rye that lingers. Crisp, middle ground-complexity that plays between sweet and spicy. MOUTHFEEL: Light mouthfeel. Medium to higher carbonation.






This uncommon beer pays tribute to the world’s most common species of bear – the mighty Black. If you’ve ever spent time in Northern Ontario you can attest to their legendary presence, both in and out of Canadian lore. Wary and elusive and moving at blinding speeds – they can smell sustenance from well over a kilometre away… enter Black Bear Blackberry Mint Krystal Weiss from Lake of the Woods Brewing Company. Canadian blackberries meet cooling and slightly bitter Canadian peppermint – brewed in traditional old world German style and married with a crisp Krystalweizen profile, this beer starts fruit-sweet and becomes a minty, herbal, palate dry finish. Black Bear Blackberry Mint Krystall Weiss – this is the stuff of legends.

AROMA: Peppermint upfront, light berry in the back. PRESENTATION: White head, ok retention. COLOUR: Light warm brown with prominent orange hue. CLARITY: Opaque. TASTE: Light peppermint, slight blackberry, low hop bitterness. MOUTHFEEL: Medium carbonation, silky mouthfeel. INGREDIENTS: Barley, hops, yeast, water. blackberry, peppermint loose leaf tea. ALLERGY INFO: Gluten, Berries, Mint.


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