Design your own can!


Happy National Beer Day! What better way to celebrate National Beer Day than to DESIGN YOUR OWN Lake of the Woods Brewing Company beer can!?! Get out your Crayola set, and get ready to draw!! 

To download image to print:

Click on any of the drawings, open image in a new tab, print page. Bust out the markers, the pencil crayons or best, the crayons and go to town.

To download the image to an iPad or iPhone:

Simply push down on the image in your browser, select open image in new tab to see full size, select save image. Go into your photos and there it is. Click on whichever colouring page you’d like to colour and hit edit. Next click on the three … circle and select markup. You can now colour with your finger and/or an apple pencil. Voila!

Send photos of your drawing to [email protected] ! All submissions will be featured on our Instagram Story. Top three will be selected with a winner being chosen by you!!Submission deadline is May 1st – winner will be announced May 4th! 

Full colouring book available here: Colouring Book






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